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WHF CFC88674 2018-11-01v1-About the WHF Transcript
Title Slide
Opens with CFC logos and Wound Healing Foundation (WHF) logo as well as WHF CFC#88674. Social media hashtags #WHFCFC, #ShowYouCareCFC, #ShowSomeLoveCFC are shown on the bottom left.
Mission Slide
WHF President Laura K. S. Parnell says "The focus of the Wound Healing Foundation is awareness, research and educations about wounds and wound healing."
Wound Mortality Slide
Graphic shows the 5 year mortality rate of chronic wounds to other cancer outcomes. From left to right the graph ranges from 2% prostate, 7% melanoma, 10% breast, 18% urinary bladder, 31% non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, 33% colon, 45% neuropathic ulcer (DFU-Diabetic Foot Ulcer), 46% leukemia, 54% ovarian, 55% ischemic ulcer (DFU), 84% for lung, and 94% for pancreatic cancers. Graph includes a quote "...one might conclude that persons with lower extremity complications of diabetes have 5-year mortality rates similar or worse than many common types of cancer."1 from reference 1. Armstrong DG, et al. Guest Editorial: Are Diabetes-Related Wounds and Amputations Worse Than Cancer? International Wound Journal. 2007, 4(4), 286-287. Audio says "Wounds that won't heal are a silent epidemic. In fact, the mortality rate of a chronic wound is worse than most cancers."
WHF grant recipients slide
Photos of WHF grant recipients are shown while audio plays "Wound healing research is vastly underfunded. More government research dollars are spent on leprosy research than on wound healing.". The first photo is of the WHF-3M Fellows from 2016, 2018 and 2017. The second photo shows a representative from 3M, the WHF-3M Fellow from 2014, the WHF President and the WHF-3M Fellow from 2012. The third photo shows the WHF president with the 2018 WHF Impact Award recipient and the WHF Vice-President and Awards Chair. The fourth photo shows a travel scholarship recipient with the WHF President.
Chronic Wound Slides
In the first slide, there is an outline of the US filled with yellow figurines with a title of $25B Annual Cost for Chronic Wounds and a caption of 6.5M People in U.S. Have Chronic Wounds Data reference is at the bottom from Sen CK, Gordillo GM, Roy S, et al Human skin wounds: a major and snowballing threat to public health and the economy Wound Repair Regen 2009;17(6):763-71.
Audio states "In the United Stets alone, there's over 6.5 million people with chronic wounds and that doesn't even include the number with issues with scarring and burn."
The second and third slides are a photo of a person in a hospital bed, and a wrapped up arm. The fourth and fifth slide show a grandparent and child with a book and a premature baby with a wound.
The audio continues "And of these 6.5 million people, there's over 25 billion dollars spent annually, just in the US." The sixth and seventh slides show an elderly couple helping each other and a wheelchair basketball game.
The seventh and eighth slides show two young children with IVs standing against a wall and a WHF grant recipient with his toddler patient and the patient's mother in Africa while audio continues "So you can imagine how that number increases when you go worldwide. "
Closing Slides
The first closing slide shows a photo of a clinician and older patient are shown with a title of Knowledge is healing and a subtitle WHF supports patient education to advance the science of wound healing. The second closing slide shows the WHF logo, name, websites and social media icons. Narrator says "Thank you for your time. Your donation enables us to provide educational resources and fund medical research for the wound healing field."
Third closing slide is the same open slide with CFC logos and Wound Healing Foundation (WHF) logo as well as WHF CFC#88674. Social media hashtags #WHFCFC, #ShowYouCareCFC, #ShowSomeLoveCFC are shown on the bottom left.