Bringing hope to the Diaramana Health Centre in Mali

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[upbeat music plays]
Text appears on screen with a montage of video footage playing in the background
Footage: drawings of rainbows, people smiling
Are a sign of hope
Footage: a man painting a rainbow on a side of a building
But you can’t have a rainbow without
Footage: a person walking
Footage: a woman carrying a bucket to a well
So we helped bring hope to Mali
Footage: water pouring into the bucket, someone carrying water back home
WaterAid installed six new taps
Footage: hands putting together taps, installing them
At the Diaramana Health Centre in Talo, Mali
Footage: a doctor examining a pregnant woman
Meaning midwives like Oumou can deliver babies safely
Footage: Oumou, a health care worker, smiling; someone washing their hands
In a clean and sterile environment
Footage: a doctor examining a pregnant woman, a doctor talking to a patient
Bringing hope and better care to the mothers in her community
Footage: babies being held
Help us bring hope to those who need it most
Footage: a health care worker taking a dose of medicine
Help us bring water
Footage: hand-washing, a woman caring for a baby
The WaterAid logo appears along with #BringWater over footage of a baby sitting