Discovering a Love of Nature

Cold but Captivating Day Spent Outdoors

On a cold November day, we waited for the yellow school bus to arrive bringing a wary group of students for the first of a three day outdoor education adventure. Most of the kids had never set foot on a hiking trail - much less spent an entire day outside in near freezing temperatures. After some coaxing to leave the warmth of the bus, activities began. As they walked outside, it did not take long for attitudes to change. With smiles and new found confidence, the kids plunged knee deep in the pond to capture invertebrates.

After three days - unearthing fossils, flipping over rocks looking for salamanders, and combing the ground for Native American artifacts - natural curiosity took over and they were hooked. They asked questions about the creeks, trees, and creatures they encountered. They cleaned up after themselves so as not to tarnish the areas they explored. They soaked in the science of the world around them and loved it.

On the last day while hiking back to the bus, the kids stopped in the middle of the trail. They didn’t want to leave. They had fallen in love. Nature was already more than they ever imagined. These children - due to financial or other challenges - were unable to join their peers for an overnight outdoor education program offered by their school. Your support can make it possible to save more places to fall in love with our incredible natural world.

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Land Trust of North Alabama
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Students hunt for aquatic creatures in the mud along the edge of a pond at Harvest Square Nature Preserve.
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Land Trust of North Alabama