Finding hope 193 miles from home

Kolton and Dad

Kolton's family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for 77 nights while Kolton grew stronger. Kurt says without the Ronald McDonald House, he’s not sure what they would have done. “You hope you never have to go through something like that, but we did, and during that time it was amazing to have the Ronald McDonald House to call home.”

Kolton's dad Kurt likes to joke that he'll make a great politician one day. Bright and bubbly, this three-year-old is always the first person to say hello and can make anyone feel welcome. His eager personality has been with him from the very start when he tried to enter the world just 23 weeks into his mom’s pregnancy. “We were actually there to find out his gender when the nurse noticed his mom’s body was preparing for labor.” After a few attempts at reversing the process, Kolton’s mom was eventually transferred from Bloomfield to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque to prepare for an early birth. Shortly thereafter, social workers secured the family a room at the Ronald McDonald House. “Kolton was born on March 31st at just 2.5lbs and he quickly dropped in weight back to 2 pounds.”

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico
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Kolton and Dad then and now
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