A Happy Ending - Brooklyn's Story

Brooklyn, age 4

Brooklyn was placed in foster care when she was 10 months old due to abuse and neglect. She was severely underweight and malnourished. Brooklyn bonded well with her foster parents, Wayne and Ashly, and they were able to quickly get her weight up into a healthy range. They also got her back on track to meet her developmental milestones.

Brooklyn was assigned a CASA, Vicki, who was a loving and supportive advocate who prioritized her safety and well-being. Over the next few years, Brooklyn’s mother continued to struggle with addiction and Vicki worked to get her connected to the resources and support she needed to get back on track. Unfortunately, it became clear that reunification with Brooklyn’s mother was not going to happen and Brooklyn’s foster parents became her adoptive parents on March 2, 2020, when she was three years old. Brooklyn is fiercely loved and brings joy to all who know her.

Brooklyn has now started kindergarten and enjoys playing soccer and singing in the choir. Her favorite place to visit is the beach and she loves to learn about the ocean. Brooklyn and her family still stay in contact with their CASA by sending holiday cards. Their CASA became an integral part of their family’s story.

Charity Name
CASA of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties
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Brooklyn thrived after having a CASA volunteer by her side while in foster care. Now adopted, she is developmentally on track and fiercely loved.
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With Love Photography