He gave me back my life!

Tiffany and Sage

Tiffany had suffered from PTSD for quite a while. PTSD had robbed her of so many things already.
She needed hope and a helper. She was getting maybe 3 hours of sleep per night and isolating. She was empty, screaming and lost…..
Through her social worker she found out about Paws Assisting Veterans and once again she had a small glimmer of HOPE. The one-on-one training and tailor-made approach of Paws Assisting Veterans was just what she needed. Sage, her new service dog, and Tiffany quickly became inseparable.
Sage became the buddy at her side to alert her to an oncoming PTSD episode, to wake her from nightmares, and to keep her mindful.
Now Tiffany’s outlook on life is so much brighter. She sleeps about 7 hours at night and is becoming more active again with family and friends.
Tiffany said: “Sage is the brightest light there is. He is hope for me that I can be a better version of me and I don’t have to live in darkness.”
She encourages other Veterans who are suffering with PTSD to seek help: “Don’t quit! Don’t give up! We are losing too many…..”
“Sage saves me every day!”

Charity Name
Paws Assisting Veterans
Photo Caption
He saved my life!
Photo Credit
Shelly Heesacker