Helping Pets in the Emergency Veterinary Crisis

Helping Pets in Need

"We cannot express with words how thankful (we are)...she's everything to us and our grandkids. Thank you. We'll never forget."

This pup is just one of the many lives saved at our Second Chance Community Veterinary Hospitals this year.

When a pet is critically ill or injured, it’s always a stressful situation - not only for the pet, but for the people who love them. Now imagine your pet is sick or hurt, and you learn that the wait for help at the closest emergency vet hospital is over twelve hours. Or worse yet, your pet cannot be seen at all. This is the dilemma pet owners are now facing here in our community and across the country.

Second Chance is on a mission to help pets and pet owners get the help they need now and establish a long-term solution to address the crisis. Second Chance has prioritized critical and emergency care services at their North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital, providing life-saving surgeries and care to help as many of these pets as they can.

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Second Chance Animal Services
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This pup's family turned to Second Chance when she needed emergency surgery.
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Second Chance