HSF uses sports & education to prevent youth delinquency.

Uplift Haitian Youth Through Sports & Education

Since its inception in 2006, the Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) has a track record of improving the lives of children in the communities of Anse-à-Veau, South of Haiti where the recent 7.2 earthquake occurred. Our objective is to use sports and education to prevent juvenile delinquency and reduce social dysfunctional behavior. Through involvement in structured martial arts programs and interschool basketball competitions in the communities, we have been able to instill leadership, self-discipline, and team-building abilities. The sports program is enhanced by classroom training and extra-curricular education in computer skills, mathematics, and English instruction.
Now we’re working on developing a trade school to educate students of both genders, ages 17 to 25, providing them with entrepreneurial skills and preparing them to enter the workforce and establishing new businesses in their communities. Our goal for Haiti Renaissance: Impact 2022 Employment Readiness is to graduate the new trade school's first 50 students by June 2022.
HSF requests supportive funding from the great CFC community for the purpose of completing a trade school to serve the community. The school will provide vocational training for the youth of this region, in the trades of carpentry, masonry, electricity and solar energy technology. The curriculum will be enhanced with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. HSF's objective is to certify and graduate students who will be proficient in their prospective disciplines and equipped to establish their own businesses using the entrepreneurial skills they acquire along with the trade skills.

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Haitian Sports Foundation
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Together we can develop future champions, new leaders, engaged citizens and open opportunities. Your generosity will make a big difference in the life of many Haitian children.
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Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF)