Jaha is Now Free From Sex-Trafficking

Jaha's Freedom Story

Growing up in a small African Village, Jaha was promised as a future bride to a local leader. But her father wanted to spare her and sent her away in secret to a relative in another village. Once her father died, the village leader demanded her return. In the middle of the night, Jaha escaped. Over the next few years, she endured a lot of life—she got married, had a child, and became a single mom. But Jaha continued to pursue a better future for her and her son by enrolling in college and graduating as a teacher. However, her local community did not accept her as a single mom with a higher education and career. She was persecuted and forced to leave. In search of the next step, Jaha accepted an opportunity abroad.
But upon arrival, she realized the job offer was a lie. She was forced to meet the sexual demands of multiple men—all under the threat of her child’s life. Her traffickers watched her at all times. Until one day, she escaped and fled to Greece by boat. Thankfully, Jaha
was noticed by a partner organization who called the A21 Greece Human Trafficking Hotline. We welcomed her into our care, where she was free, safe, and no longer on the run. Jaha regularly attended our Freedom Center, participating in Greek language classes and A21 Life Programs. Today, she has a job taking care of older adults, is financially stable, and saving to pay for her son’s education. Despite all odds, Jaha reclaimed the dignity that was once stolen from her. This is why we fight. This is why we press on.

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The A21 Campaign
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This is the story of someone who was trafficked for sex , and how A21 came alongside her to help in her journey towards restoration. *Survivor name and photo may be changed for her protection
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The A21 Campaign