Jill needed eyelid agenesis surgery

In late 2020, Kitty City Kansas pulled four kittens from a kill shelter in Kansas. All four of the kittens had issues with their eyelids. Kitty City took all four kittens to an eye specialist and two of them had eyelid agenesis and the other two had entropion. Eyelid agenesis is where the kittens are missing parts of their eyelids. Entropion is a condition in which their eyelid is turned inward so that their eyelashes rub against their eyeball, causing discomfort constantly.
Jill's case was very severe as she was missing her eyelid margin so her fur and eyelashes constantly rubbed against her eyeballs. Jill’s surgery entailed taking a graft from her gums and forming an eyelid. Once the new eyelid “took” and was attached to her existing eyelid – the surgeon then had to perform a second surgery to correct the entropion. Her sibling’s cases were not as severe but they all needed eyelid surgery to correct the issue so they could live their lives without constant eye discomfort.
Kitty City worked with an eye specialist and got all of the surgeries done for these precious kittens in January of 2021. The difference was amazing. Their little faces looked brighter and they played harder. Jill and her brother Jack were adopted together in February 2021 and their siblings Luke and Leia were also adopted together a day later.
Kitty City's mission is to pull kitties from the kill shelters that are at risk of being euthanized. Once in our care, we do everything we can to make sure they have all of the medical care they need before being adopted. Kitty City would not be able to continue to help with these special cases if it weren't for our generous supporters and volunteers. Thank you so much for reading about Jill’s story.

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Jill needed eyelid agenesis surgery
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