Kuja Kuja - Seeing Refugees as Customers

Kuja Kuja

It started with an observation. At some point in time, humanitarian organizations like ours had stopped thinking of refugees as their primary customer and instead become focused on large funders. We had deprioritized the people we are here to serve - and that wasn't good enough.

Kuja Kuja is our answer. It's a real-time feedback system that tracks customers’ levels of satisfaction with products and services, records their ideas for how those services might be improved, and makes that data freely available for everyone to see and use. So after accessing water at a water point or getting health care at a clinic, refugees can share their experience and have real input in making the system better. Kuja Kuja is more than a moral obligation - it's also good business.

Understanding our customers more deeply will allow ARC to increase the value and impact that its services currently deliver and to make better decisions about new services to design. We’re starting by testing Kuja Kuja on our own organization. We believe that Kuja Kuja will revolutionize service design and implementation for nonprofit and for-profit organizations around the world. We started the journey with Kuja Kuja seeking to find a way to more richly share information from our field locations to ARC headquarters and drive ARC forward as a 21st Century organization for refugees. We began in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda, listening to residents and building prototypes based on what we heard. The tool continuously collects feedback and is embraced by our local staff as a means to build trust with refugees on a foundation of honesty and mutual accountability.

Kuja Kuja asks customers two questions: Were you happy with today's service? Any ideas on how we can be better? The first question is binary, customers are either satisfied or unsatisfied. The second question is open-ended, inviting customers to share their ideas for improvement. Answers are concise and up to 140 characters. And we ask these questions over and over, day after day.

At Kuja Kuja the more customers we speak with, the more precise and insightful our data becomes. The more precise our data becomes, the more impact that data can help to create for our customers. With Kuja Kuja, our goal is to create agency amongst customers around the world and to shift people from passive receivers of services to active, discerning, and demanding consumers of them. Kuja Kuja means 'come come' and our logo smiles at our customers all day, every day because we are obsessed with providing the best possible customer service. With every customer interaction, whether in-person or remotely, we strive to lead with love, trust, and transparency. Our team lives by the motto that Kuja Kuja starts with a smile and ends with a smile.

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Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee)
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Kuja Kuja is a real-time feedback system that tracks refugee customers’ levels of satisfaction and records their ideas for how those services might be improved.
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Jennifer Rose/Alight