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Mobile Distribution

Glenda has been a regular at Main Street Mission for a while. She shared how she had a season of loss and grieving that left her without any help or support. In 2016 after 25 years of working at the Arkansas Department of Health Hospice division Glenda suffered a stroke. While she was out on medical leave her department was closed. She lost her job and her health at the same time. But it was okay because she had her husband to help her manage life and their 40 acres.
Then a few later her husband, her step daughter and her mother all three passed within three months of each other. Glenda was devasted and struggling as she was still battling the effects of her stroke the few years before.
She smiled as she spoke of Main Street Mission. “The people here are so good and their friendship is so important. I appreciate this food, it means so much.”
Glenda is 77 years young and still managing 5 acres on her own. She was able to sell her other 35 acres and her cattle, but it is still a lot for her to manage with the effects of the stroke. She said I can’t hear very well, but I still get up and move and take care of the farm. I walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

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Arkansas Foodbank
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Our regular volunteer, Eugen, helps pack food boxes to distribute to over 60 families
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Mike St. Marie