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Since its inception over 30 years ago, MaineShare has raised over $6.5 million for its member groups. Our member groups work hard at sustainable solutions for Maine communities to improve justice, environmental sustainability, and to encourage the thriving of arts and culture. Here are some ways that MaineShare supports the amazing work of our member groups:

• “Unrestricted funds like those we receive from MaineShare allow Disability Rights Maine to fill in gaps and provide good, consistent service to the community or cover the administrative necessities that otherwise might not be an allowable expense.”

• “Being a part of MaineShare means being a part of a coalition of groups working to make Maine more equitable and resilient and creating a way for everyday people to support that work.” - Genesis Community Loan Fund

• “As a founding member of MaineShare, we believe that when progressive organizations work together, there is tremendous opportunity for value-add.”- Viles Arboretum

• “We love being part of a coalition of organizations working to make Maine a stronger, more just place to live”- Hardy Girls

• “MaineShare giving contributes to our ability to offer our programs free of charge”- Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine

• “Our group would not exist today if it were not for MaineShare. During those sparce years, MaineShare helped keep us determined to work for peace.” -Maine Peace Fund

• “We have little room in our operations for fundraising, which makes this collective approach -- 'all boats rise' - so valuable to our sustainability. “ -Maine Access Immigrant Network

• “We are a member of MaineShare because we are committed to the idea that social justice organizations should be funded to the greatest extent possible by everyday people for whom policy reforms matter most. “- Maine People’s Resource Center

• “MaineShare broadens the reach of its member groups to people we might not reach otherwise.“ -Maine Equal Justice

• “We rely on MaineShare distributions to continue to support the anti-war/peaceful initiatives we undertake”- Maine Veterans for Peace

• “Support from MaineShare provides a reliable income stream to our Fund for Maine, our unrestricted operating fund. These dollars support outreach and advocacy work happening within and across any of our five program areas: Climate & Clean Energy, Forests & Wildlife, Healthy Waters, Sustainability, and through actions taken at the federal level that impact Maine's environment.” - Natural Resources Council of Maine

• “MaineShare is a perfect example of shared power-building and a collaborative approach to fundraising, so this partnership is not only helpful to us, but also aligns with our values and our vision for how we build more equity in Maine.”- Maine Women’s Lobby

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