More than Just Meals

Summer Barbecue

Cathedral Kitchen held a series of summer barbecues this year. After business hours one of the barbecue evenings, an individual became relatively unconscious in front of our building. A couple who are regular guests at CK were still outside, having gotten their meal earlier. They saw this individual and called an ambulance to assist; the man was treated on site and then taken to the hospital for care. While talking to our Guest Services Manager Tiffany, the couple explained that they were only able to call 911 because of the free cell phone they had received from Cintex Wireless at the barbecue just an hour before. Together our combined impact saved someone's life.
Whether you are a partner, a donor, a volunteer, a staff member, please know how much impact you have. We are proud to work with those that strive to make a difference.

Charity Name
Cathedral Soup Kitchen Inc.
Photo Caption
Cathedral Kitchen's summer barbecues provide meals, and life saving services to the community
Photo Credit
Avi Steinhardt