Mr. B's Journey

Mr. B

At CFH, the foundation of all the work we do is a basic principle: We believe that homelessness is a condition, not a characteristic of a person. This distinction is important since homelessness is a condition, we can treat it. Your support will provide critical health care treatment that ends episodes of homelessness.

A great example of this is Mr. B, a 67-year-old man who has lived on NYC streets periodically since 2017. At the time he came to CFH, Mr. B. was sick and tired of living on the street. He was suffering from pneumonia and had a history of alcohol and substance abuse. He asked if he could go to a residential detox program but was afraid that he would lose his bed.

Our staff assured Mr. B. that he could return after completing the program. They stayed connected with Mr. B., and he was enthusiastically welcomed back to CFH. Mr. B. also worked diligently with a housing specialist getting him approved for a housing voucher designed to help people experiencing homelessness afford the rent on an apartment. Our highly skilled social services team deployed all of the services at our disposal to help Mr. B. get back on his feet, get into a home of his own, and to once again enjoy a full life, free from the dangers and anxieties of living in the street.

Mr. B has been enjoying his OWN bed, shower, and meals at his permanent home since August 3rd. Never doubt that working together we can make a difference every day in the life of a person experiencing homelessness.

Your contribution of any amount will help CFH provide health care and transitional shelter that will put more like Mr. B on the path to good health and stable housing. Please visit our website,, to see a 2-minute video about Mr. B’s journey. Thank you.

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Mr. B's Journey from Homeless to Housed
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