Providing a Jewish Sanctuary in Prince William County

Sabbath Service for Patriots Day

Ours is the only synagogue and Reform Jewish religious school in a county of half a million people. We strive to enrich Jewish life locally and beyond. For example, for over five years we have streamed our Shabbat services to deployed military personnel across the globe. This year we are hosting a Jewish preschool, Gan Teva. We hope that all who want to learn and worship with us, including interfaith families, LGBTQ+ Jews, and Jews of color" feel wanted in our temple.

To fight anti-Semitism, we are active in the interfaith community; we are a resource for college students to help them better understand our faith: we worked with a local mosque and a Christian non-profit to help an Afghan refugee family resettle in our county. Your support is essential to grow our efforts.

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Congregation Ner Shalom
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Honoring First Responders and Military Personnel in our Community
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Ner Shalom