Providing for Underprivileged Students


Jonathan is a very hardworking and focused young man. He is determined to become successful despite his poor upbringing. Jonathan is the first of five children of his parents. His father died at a tender age and his mother abandoned all the children in the Ashanti Region and fled to the Northern Region of Ghana.
He had been the sole breadwinner and caregiver for himself and his 4 siblings. He had struggled to complete his Junior High School education with poor grades when Baldwin University Foundation discovered him. His persevering and hardworking nature captured our founder’s attention. Jonathan would always come around to help with menial jobs to be able to get some money to be able to take care of his siblings. This divided attention caused him to fail his Junior High School Certificate Examination.
The Foundation helped Jonathan take a remedial class in order to re-take this examination and he passed and gained admission to a Technical University for his Diploma. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and the foundation has been his sole source of funding.
This story, among many others like Johnathan’s, is the story of most drop out students in Ghana. Ghana has made efforts in improving access to education for all, but there are still challenges preventing thousands of children from going to school and learning. Absence of conveniently located schools and poverty among others are the reasons for low education in Ghana. Most adults in Ghana do not have basic literacy skills and this has affected the economy and created a negative impact on society.
Baldwin University Foundation was founded in the USA in 2009 as an IRS tax exempt 501 (C)(3) organization, to tackle the problem. We are a United States – based charity which funds the critically – needed work of Baldwin University as well as the needs of other identified students. As already indicated, most of these students come from very poor families or neglected and deserted communities and, therefore, find It difficult to raise money to pay their fees and further their education. Currently the foundation has provided scholarships to about 125 students.
To cover a full tuition cost of one semester of college education for one student, $1000.00 is required. Hence, $2,000.00 would cover a full year University tuition, including Jonathan and many other students like him, to build a bright future for them.

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