Shade's Transformation


Shade came to Ruff Start from Texas earlier this summer. She was one of the lucky ones - saved from being euthanized in an overcrowded shelter. Shade was so terrified when she arrived that she stuck herself to the floor and didn't move a muscle. If anyone touched her, she would instantly soil herself from being so afraid.

This behavior isn't too uncommon for animals that come from such harsh situations. Thankfully, Shade's fosters were well-equipped to take on the frightened pup. They gave her the space she needed to decompress and all the love she craved to start feeling like a dog again.
After a bit of time, Shade started to come out of her shell, and the love her fosters felt for her grew even stronger. So, they made it official and adopted her!

From nearly being euthanized to being spoiled in her loving forever home, Shade is just one of the thousands of animals that Ruff Start saves every year. Please consider supporting our work by donating through the CFC to Ruff Start today! Every little bit helps ensure companion animals get the care and love they deserve.

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Ruff Start Rescue
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Shade living her best life in her new forever home!
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Ruff Start Rescue