The Sociedad Pro Hospital del Niño reinvents to ensure the well-being of our employees, patients and participants.

Our employees continue to work through the pandemic

The Sociedad Pro Hospital del Niño is a leading non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico with 98 years of experience serving the community.
We are the only Pediatric skill nursing home on the island that provides long-term and convalescence services to patients 0-21 years of scarce financial resources; mostly referred to by the Department of Family Services. We can serve a population of 37 children with chronic and severe physical and/or mental conditions.
We provide medical and therapeutic care to each resident patient depending on the level of complexity of their physical and emotional conditions. The service provided is focused on the individual clinical needs of each patient and all the necessary services are coordinated to achieve the optimal potential of each patient according to their capabilities.
Besides the skill nursing home, we have two other important programs to serve children and our community: we provide outpatient therapy services and have a specialized in-house preschool center called Centro de Aprendizaje del Niño (CAN).
The therapy services are provided through contracts with the Health Department and the Department of Education of PR and are offered in homes, schools, and our center, and during this time of pandemic via tele-practice. We offer a wide range of therapy modalities: physical, speech, oral motor, occupational, and phycological.
In 2011, the Sociedad Pro Hospital del Niño started its Centro de Autismo del Niño (CAN) project to prepare children within this spectrum from the ages of 2-5 years for integration into the regular academic current. It is an intensive academic-therapeutic preschool center specialized in the development of academic, social, behavioral, and communication skills that currently serves 50 children.
Our mission is to rehabilitate children with physical and/or mental disabilities and our vision is to continue expanding the services we currently offer, with a focus on the rehabilitation and integration in society of children with special needs.
We impact more than 9,000* people (*between our participants and their parents\caregivers) and give more than 170K treatments given each year.
Our professionals continue to work intensively and designed new strategies to affect as little
as possible the continuation of our services. Due to the emergency created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the services offered have been interrupted as well as the life routine of our resident patients. We have been forced to incur additional costs and reinvent our way of providing our services so that our patients and participants maintain normality in the way that is possible.
The quarantine resulted in the closing of schools, the cancellation of therapeutic services, and the elimination of the working day for any employee who is not considered an employee of essential services mainly related to health and safety.
This quarantine has greatly affected our operation and the daily lives of our resident patients.
We reinvented ourselves to ensure the well-being of our employees, patients, and participants by implementing innovative strategies such as teletherapy services and we designed an internal educational program that provides resident patients with the opportunity for supervised studies and tutorials.
In addition, a very active program was developed within social networks, which offers tips, ideas, and weekly tasks to help parents follow up on the needs of their children.
At this time and due to all the vicissitudes our patients and participants have had to go through due to the emergency created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the least we owe them is to offer them a service of excellence and quality, trying to minimize the negative impact of not being able to take their therapies and face-to-face classes as they used to.
Your help will allow us to continue providing support and development for these children and to offer their parents and caregivers the needed tools to help their children thrive in the world. Also, it will help us acquire the needed materials to help our teachers and therapists provide the service our children deserve.

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Our employees continue to work through the pandemic
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