Star's Second Chance

Star's Journey to Safety

Tethered, heavily pregnant and freezing in the bitter cold; that was Star’s life during the coldest time of the year until she was finally surrendered to Great Plains SPCA through our HERO Program.

February 2021 saw one of the biggest cold snaps in Kansas City history, which is exactly when Star needed us the most. The Great Plains SPCA HERO Program emphasizes showing respect, setting aside judgment and building relationships in the community.
We had been doing exactly that with Star's owners for over a year, providing ongoing care to her and two other dogs on the property until the owners finally agreed to surrender them all to us.

Star had 10 beautiful babies in the comfort and safety of a foster home. All have since been adopted, including Star, and are doing wonderfully in their forever homes, all thanks to our HERO Team’s tireless efforts to save them and set them up for a better life.

The work of our HERO team is physically and emotionally taxing, but our commitment to animals like Star never ends.

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Great Plains SPCA
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Star's journey to safety on one of the coldest days of the year.
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Great Plains SPCA