Thank You CFC Donors!

The Annual SMA Conference

Thank you for your generous gift through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to Cure SMA. It is because of year-round support from people like you that we continue making progress with our life-changing programs and creating a brighter future for everyone with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

With your support, we will make new strategic investments in advocacy at local, state, and federal levels, to advance important issues--like healthcare, affordable housing, accessible transportation, and employment for people with disabilities. Also, through our Cure SMA Care Center Network and SMA Clinical Data Registry, we are expanding local access to treatment options and building the foundation for improving SMA care. We will continue gathering the information needed to create an evidence-based standard of care for SMA to ensure an equal and optimal care experience for all individuals and families living with SMA. We will maximize treatments by measuring additional SMA data points that follow disease and treatment progression, ensuring healthcare providers across the country are educated on the best possible care practices.

We will continue to invest in basic research to investigate the biology of SMA to help us better understand the condition and identify the most likely novel targets for the development of treatment regimens that will lead to proof-of-concept research, clinical trials, and eventually the approval of new therapies. There are multiple ways to treat SMA, and by focusing on other systems, pathways, and processes, new “non-SMN” treatments can be found that may provide new or different benefits. Cure SMA will be increasing funding in new research that explores both non-SMN treatments and the combination use of therapies to help increase strength and enable independence for all individuals with SMA.

Also, despite the advent of treatments for SMA, there will always be a need for daily support for individuals with SMA. We will continue expanding our community support programs to ensure our offerings are diverse and meeting community members where they are. This includes educational resources such as our Care Series Booklets, care and support packages for all ages, our equipment pool, and our community building programs--like the Cure SMA Annual SMA Conference.

Our progress is accelerated by dedicated CFC donors like you. Thank you so much again for your tremendous support.

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Cure SMA
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Yui Mundt and her son Anthony Mundt, who lives with SMA attending the SMA Conference
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Cure SMA