The U.S. Army Women's Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program

The U.S. Army Women's Foundation works to shape the future of Army women by empowering them to achieve their academic and career goals through our Legacy Scholarship Program. Annually, we award $50,000 in scholarships to U.S. Army women who have served their country honorably, and their lineal descendants. Past recipients have graciously expressed their gratitude:

"To all of the sponsors and members of the U.S. Army Women's Foundation, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for awarding me a Child of an Army Woman Undergraduate Legacy Scholarship. The Army has always meant much to my family and me as we heard my mother’s stories of her service and commitment during her years on active duty. Not only does this generous scholarship gives me the opportunity to honor all of her hard work, but it also allows me to continue the pursuit of my education and community service work unhindered. Your generosity means so much to me. And again thank you for your support and the generous Army women undergraduate legacy scholarship." - Sloane Miller, 2021 Recipient

"I am so grateful and humbled to be a recipient of the Army Women’s Foundation Scholarship. As a former service-member, I was blessed to be part of a unit that supported, trained, and cared for me and the other Soldiers, and I felt very much a part of the Army community. The Army Women’s Foundation does the same fantastic job in fostering the support that women veterans need to succeed beyond the uniform. Thank you for helping me and other women veterans achieve our dreams.” -Kimberly Jung, 2019 Recipient

" Thank you so much for selecting me for the Army Women's Foundation Legacy Scholarship. It truly is an honor to be a part of something that recognizes the brave women fighting for our country.” -Lisa Perez, 2017 Recipient

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U.S. Army Women's Foundation
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U.S. Army Women's Foundation Annual Scholarship Program for Army women and their lineal descendants
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