We are not invisible

Women Veterans Retreat at The PEACH Pit

Being a Veteran can feel different when you’re a woman: Not everyone — still — recognizes the role women play in the military.

When women hang up their uniform, few look at them and immediately think, “Hmm. I bet she’s a Veteran.” They’re moms. Co-workers. Managers. Business owners. Sometimes, they just need to “be.”

The Horsepower and Heroes Retreats at The PEACH Pit allow women Veterans of all branches and service periods to come together to just “be.”

These retreats come at no cost to the Veterans, with monies coming from donations. So far, The PEACH Pit has been able to host three such retreats, in part because of donations through the Combined Federal Campaign. The next retreat is May 2022. Your donations will help make that happen.

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A group of women Veterans wind up their yoga session.
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