We give to those who have given us so much.

Wieber Family

It wasn't long ago that Ty Wieber spoke no words and relied on others to be his voice. One clinical trial enabled by FRAXA Research Foundation’s groundwork … one researcher focused on Fragile X syndrome … and most importantly, two parents who never gave up on their child, all changed the face of Ty’s future.

Zach and Leslie Wieber are dedicated to the advancement of Fragile X research. For years they have supported FRAXA Research Foundation, not only as donors and event hosts, but as our cheerleaders.

In 2018, FRAXA set out to change Fragile X awareness, and on July 22, they lit up Niagara Falls in Fragile X teal. Hearing of this, the Wieber family packed up and drove over seven hours to be there for the occasion. It was important to them that they share this moment with other families and let their children see that an entire community is behind them.

Since that time, the Wiebers have been the ones behind the community, supporting FRAXA generously and never failing to help others. We hope you will embrace their generous spirit and support those living with Fragile X as well.

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FRAXA Research Foundation
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Zach and Leslie Wieber, along with their three son Ty, Brock, and Drew
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Leslie Wieber