A young child overcomes trauma with the support of his forever family

As toddlers, Evan and his younger brother, were placed in Child Crisis Arizona’s Emergency Children’s Shelter after suffering unimaginable abuse and neglect. After being placed in several foster homes, they were back in the care of Child Crisis Arizona when they met Marge.
As Evan says “It was love at first sight.” Marge saw right away the bond that Evan and his brother had and decided to welcome the boys into their home. As the protective older brother, Evan felt it was his responsibility to take care of his brother. Marge assured him that no harm would come to either of them, they were safe, and Evan could be a kid again. Marge not only adopted Evan and his brother, but also adopted their younger biological sister. She recognized how important it was to keep these siblings together.

As Evan grew older and faced the challenges of adolescence, the trauma he had experienced as a young child created moments of anger, self-doubt and frustration. Wanting to do everything she could to help Evan heal, Marge turned to Child Crisis Arizona for guidance. Evan received counseling services at Child Crisis Arizona that helped him navigate those difficult years.

While the trauma Evan faced will always be with him, he does not let that define him. With the support of his family, Evan is growing up to be a remarkable young man. He graduated from high school with a 4.3 GPA and is enjoying success as a college freshman in an honors program.

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Child Crisis Arizona
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Evan with his two younger siblings
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