30+ Years. One Mission.

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Partners in Health

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A female narrator reads the following while video footage plays in the background:
Imagine a world
Video of horses running in the open, someone opening a window
[soft music plays, ambient sounds play in the background]
Where healthcare is not a privilege,
Video of children playing a game, a man getting ready for a blood sugar reading,
But a human right.
Video of a baby
Where care is not conditional, but guaranteed.
Video of a man walking through his community, educating his neighbors, saying goodbye
Where no patient
Video of a healthcare workers reading records,
Is left behind.
Video of a healthcare worker greeting a patient
For more than 30 years, Partners In Health has made it
Video of women greeting each other, a researcher looking into a microscope, a worker handing out medication,
Our mission to create this world.
Video of a woman walking in a crowd
From the bedside to the halls of power,
Video of people holding hands, feet walking on the street,
We have spoken up when world leaders fell silent,
Video of a store front, crowds walking in a protest,
Taken a stand when others wouldn’t,
Video of a woman talking into a microphone
Delivered care once thought impossible,
Video of children running into a hospital room to greet someone, people holding hands
Because healthcare can’t wait,
Montage of healthcare footage quickly stitched together
And neither can justice.
Video of a health care worker caring for a patient while a mother and her infant look on, footage of a mother and father looking on at their child
On a white screen, the orange Partners In Health logo appears.