7 Ways You Helped Fight COVID-19

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Medical Teams International

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A white screen with the Medical Teams International logo
[music plays while text appears on screen, video footage playing in the background]
Text: We’re celebrating the ways you helped fight COVID-19 this last year.
Footage of a healthcare worker in a mask
Text: You made it possible to test over 33,700 people for COVID-19 in the U.S.
Footage of the same healthcare worker supplying a patient with a COVID test
Text: You donated critical PPE to frontline workers.
Footage of a healthcare worker gearing up and putting on protective equipment.
Text: You helped connect people to vital COVID-19 prevention information.
Footage of someone sending health information via their phone.
Text: You sent handwashing stations and education to people around the globe.
Footage of a girl turning on a tap and washing her hands
Text: You helped us build a COVID-19 isolation and treatment center in the world’s densest refugee settlement.
Footage of an isolation and treatment center in a refugee camp
Text: You helped provide urgent dental care for people who needed it.
Footage of two dental workers caring for a patient
Text: You continued to make life-saving medical care possible for families around the world.
Footage of a mother in Sub-Saharan Africa caring for her infant child
A red screen appears with the text Thank You.
Text: Act. Heal. Love. Then the Medical Teams International logo appears, along with the website medicalteams.org
[music ends]