All Hands on Deck

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Clinton Foundation

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[music playing]
President Clinton speaking on a stage: There will never be a time - if you live to be 300 years old...
[Overhead view of tropical neighborhood with recent storm damage.]
President Clinton: ...that there will be no problems on Earth.
[Man moves debris in battered landscape, damaged cars and uprooted trees behind him.]
[President Clinton talking with people in a church, no audio.]
President Clinton: The only thing you get to do is get up every morning and decide what
you're going to do about it.
[Two women install a solar panel on a roof. A woman smiles into the camera with a wind turbine in the distance behind her.]
[Man addresses smiling people seated in a boardroom.]
President Clinton: You have to cultivate a culture of possibility.
[President Clinton smiling with two young people in white coats. Cooking instruments and spices are around them. A sign says Clinton Kitchen at West Side on the back wall.]
President Clinton: We have to know we can do more together than we can apart.
[Secretary Hillary Clinton stands with a group of smiling people. She holds a baby.]
[Chelsea Clinton reads a picture book to a young girl.]
[President Clinton stands beside a young woman and man giving a science presentation. The man gesticulates with his hands.]
[President Clinton stands with an arm across a woman’s shoulders. She smiles and leans in for a hug.]
President Clinton: But only if we embrace our common humanity over our interests
and differences.
Chelsea Clinton: As I think we've seen the last weeks and months,
this is been a very grim moment for our world and yet also one of
just extraordinary ingenuity and resilience.
[Views of Chelsea Clinton and President Clinton video conferencing with influential people.]
[Health professionals talking and using equipment.]
[Still image of health professionals in PPE holding up signs that read: We Stay Here For You. Please Stay Home For Us!!]
[People stand just outside a building, holding instructional signs about hand washing technique.]
President Clinton: I believe cooperation works better than conflict.
[Words appear over views of food service volunteers: The Clinton Presidential Center and partners are serving hundreds of thousands of meals to those in need.]
President Clinton: I believe over the long run, in an interdependent world full of vast
opportunities and profound challenges.
I think we need all hands on deck.
[Graphic of the Clinton Foundation logo zooms in. The slogan “Putting People First” is written across the bottom of the screen.]