Anera's Work in 2021 is Possible Thanks to You!

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Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid)

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[music plays]
On screen text against images reading:
Our work in 2021 is possible thanks to you.
Images: a girl smiling, a boy smiling, children in masks, a child with face paint
From responding to COVID-19 needs,
Images: delivering emergency supplies, making masks and PPE,
And rebuilding homes and businesses in Beirut
Images: destroyed homes and buildings, providing aid and supplies,
To providing educational opportunities,
Images: children smiling, learning, attending school,
Clean water access
Images: children filling water jugs,
And training farmers so they can support their families and communities,
Images: people with masks collecting crops and eating
Together we are replenishing hope where it’s needed most.
(appearing on a black screen in orange and white text)
Thank you Anera community for your donations and support!
(appearing on a black screen in orange and white text)
[white screen appears with the Anera logo, tagline reading Where hope finds a way.]
[music fades]