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(audience chatter) [woman presenting to a high school auditorium, with the ECPAT logo and tagline Any Kid Any School on the big screen] Presenter: Many people think that sex trafficking only happens in other
countries, but it actually happens in the United States.
[video moves in closer, pans across the backs of students as the presenter continues to talk somewhat in the background]
(audience quiets) In our neighborhoods
Student thought: not here.
Presenter: On our streets.
Student’s thought: No, it doesn't.
Presenter: By US law, any child bought or sold in a sex trade is a victim of human trafficking.
Student's thought: Why have I never heard about this before?
Presenter: on the same websites where you sell a couch, there are sections for buying people.
Student's thought: I can see that.
Presenter: An abuser might try to isolate a victim and keep them away from their friends.
Student thought: That would never happen to me.
Presenter: And I don’t want you to think of this as just about girls, up to half of these victims can be boys.
Student thought: Who would do that?
Presenter: There’s no such thing as a child prostitute, just a victim of exploitation.
[camera pans to the back of one girl] Presenter: And it could be anyone.
Girl’s thought: She’s talking about me. He told me not to tell anyone. Should I say something?
(music plays) [on screen text appears: Sex trafficking happens everywhere. And it’s happening now. Learn more at #AnyKidAnySchool]