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Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)

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Every year, 250,000 people come home from military service. That's 685 homecomings every day. A lot of men and women come home quietly and with a lot of uncertainty in front of them.

The military often gives people a second family, and part of the challenge in coming home is losing those common bonds. At ASAP, we challenge this isolation. We envision a future where there are communities across the country for veterans and their families to find belonging, laugh until their sides hurt, and maybe even figure out what's next in their lives.

We bring in expert instructors to teach our students how to get up on stage and put their whole self out there, to teach them to take the world and themselves a bit less seriously, to teach the power of boldly telling their story.

Whether with jokes or a sketch in our research is clear - people who take ASAP classes become more resilient, have a renewed sense of purpose, and are more confident in who they are.

Join us to welcome these men and women home in a whole new way.