Be a Lifeline to the Most Vulnerable

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Humanity & Inclusion

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[piano music plays]
[Close-up of a human hand unfurling.]
[Animation appears of a family climbing over the thumb of the hand like it is a hilltop. They carry bags with them.]
Narrator: We hear the stories of people forced to abandon their home...
[Animation continues as people walk along the creases of the palm like roads. At the edge of the palm white refugee tents appear. They walk towards these.]
[A new palm unfurls with an animation of a white-roofed house.]
[bird cries and a rumbling sound]
[Animation: Tiny person looks out the window of the house. The house splits in half and person tumbles down, catches themselves on a crease of the palm.]
Narrator: ...the stories of people whose dreams have been swept away or their lives left hanging by a thread.
[Animated figure loses grip and falls through the left side of the frame. Right side of frame a non-animated man stares at the camera.]
Narrator: Or whose world's have been blasted apart.
[Animated house sits in a real human palm. Animated bombs drop downward.]
[Animated figure curled beneath a window covers its ears as bombs drop.]
Narrator: Although the stories repeat themselves, each person's experience is
[Woman sits with her hand outward. Animated figure with baby strapped to its back walks across her palm, passing animated bombshells.]
Narrator: As unique as they are.
[Young boy looks at the camera. Zoom to a hand with animated figure sitting on crease kicking one leg. The other is missing.]
Narrator: And whether it's care or community that people need…
[Zoom out shows other animated figures on the palm, kicking a soccer ball. The ball arcs toward the seated child.]
Narrator: ...we are here to help them live a new chapter.
[Real soccer ball bounces off child who smiles, playing soccer with one leg and a crutch.]
Narrator: To embrace what makes them unique.
[On screen text mimics speech.]
Narrator: Be a lifeline to the most vulnerable.
[White screen with blue Humanity and Inclusion logo. Resembles hand with fingers forming “Hi.” Website text below:]