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Legacy of Life Hawaii

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LLH Script #1 Overview: In a series of very quick cuts, attractive locals age 40 to 70 address camera in MCU and CU shots. In some cases, one person starts a sentence, another person finishes it. In other cases, one person makes a statement, and the following person reinforces the statement by repeating (in their own words) the concept. The pacing of the edit and the delivery of lines unite to give an upbeat, positive tone.
(Logo and web address lower third throughout)
Location: pleasant “local” homes/exteriors
Talent speak to camera directly

MCU Woman - in kitchen washing dishes

CU Man - in comfy chair

MCU Woman -Laptop/table

MCU Man - Woodworking scene

MCU Woman #1/ in kitchen washing dishes

CU Man #4 in comfy chair

CU Man Outside

CU Woman Outside

MCU 2nd Man on the Couch

MCU Woman at Kitchen tabletop

MCU Woman #4-Laptop/table

CU 2nd Man on the Couch

MCU Woman Outside

Dissolve to full screen Legacy of Life logo and registration web address, sponsorship disclaimer Audio (upbeat music bg):

I’m not rich.

But I can give

Something priceless . . .

Not a doctor

But I can help someone heal.

I’m not too old.

Not too young.

To Save a Life

I can do that.

By going online and registering to be an organ donor.

It’s simple and fast.

I’m just me.

But I can do good.

Be a lifesaver.
Register to be an organ/tissue donor.
Legacy of Life Hawaii