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Becky Love Foundation Summary:
Tom Love discusses the mission of the Becky Love Foundation, which serves to prevent deaths by suicide and to help those who have suffered a loss.

With a 2020 CDC report showing an increase in suicidal thoughts amongst certain populations, in large part due to COVID-19, the mission of the Becky Love Foundation has never been more important. We hope that you will join us in the fight against suicide.

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Becky Love Foundation Video Transcript:

Tom Love: I'm Tom Love, from the Becky Love Foundation
My sister, Becky Love, died seven years ago in August 2013.
So our mission here, is to prevent others from dying the same way and to try to help those who have had a loss by suicide.
So we do that through counseling and through grief groups and camps and so that's been very successful in helping people to realize they are not alone.
To get coping skills, so that they can fight depression, or help the aftermath of that.
The CDC just released a report several weeks ago, in August 2020 that showed that 25% of young people age 18-24 were seriously considering suicide right now, in large part due to COVID and 22% of essential workers were also seriously considering suicide.
So we know right now, this is a very challenging time and so we encourage you to try to fight suicide in yourself, and to help others, through the Becky Love Foundation.