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Slide text: Big Sky Senior Services(logo).

Narrator speaking: “Big Sky senior services is a local nonprofit in Billings, Montana. We provide in-home care services so that people can stay in their homes as long as possible.”

Slide text: Impact statement: Serving seniors in their homes. 16,146 direct service hours. 442 seniors served this year. Up 10% from last year. 58% are at or below a rate of $2,177 of income per month. We believe that supporting in-home independence is cost effective, promotes quality of life, and should be available to all seniors including those who cannot afford the services. (Image of Big Sky Senior Services logo)

Narrator speaking: “Those services are on a sliding fee scale. We also provide representative payee services. Those services provide money management for seniors who have faced financial exploitation. And we also provide volunteers who help educate our community on being dementia friends, prevent elder abuse, companion seniors in their home, and provide guardianship for those who have no other option.”

Narrator speaking: “As you can see from this slide, we continue to need resources to meet the needs of our population in Billings.

Slide text: Impact Statement: Your gift along with others is assisting us to provide: Nursing, Chores, Pet Care, Respite, Money Management, Grocery Shopping, Companionship, and Transportation. (Image of caregiver helping senior in their home). Funding sources pie chart: 22.2% Client Service Revenue, 9.1% Donations/Fundraising, 2.5% St. John’s United Home Health Share, 33.4% Yellowstone County Mill Levy, 3.6% United Way, 12.6% State of MT, 7.9% Federal, 8.3% Other. (Image of Big Sky Senior Services logo)

Narrator speaking: “We appreciate all you do and the services we provide make a big difference. Any donation makes a big impact to help our budget function and help us to provide people who can care for seniors in Billings, Montana.

Slide text: Big Sky Senior Services(logo).

Narrator speaking: “Thanks for your help.”