Blankets on the U.S. - Mexico Border

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Church World Service

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(piano music plays)
[lines of migrants walking along a highway] [on screen text: The majority of migrants and asylum seekers arriving at the U.S. border]
[two fires blazing] [on screen text: come from a region suffering dark times.]
[crowd marching] [on screen text: In the ‘northern triangle’ of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador,]
[blocked road, flames] [on screen text: ordinary people suffer violence and poverty as corruption brings insecurity.]
[man carrying baby in front of crowd of police officers] [on screen text: with no end in sight to the violence,]
[crowd of people walking in the night] [on screen text: many people decide to leave their homes and go to the U.S.]
[man lying in a crowded room with a baby on his chest] [on screen text: At the U.S. border, migrants and asylum seekers are ordered to wait in Mexico for months.]
[migrant camp filled with tents] [on screen text: While they wait for asylum cases to be heard they are in precarious conditions,]
[another shot of the migrant camps] [on screen text: prevented from working and without basic necessities.]
[mother and daughter with CWS blankets hung up behind them] [on screen text: CWS has provided 53,000 blankets to people who needed them.]
[another shot of the migrant camps] [on screen text: We also support shelters, legal assistance, supplies and services in Mexico.]
[woman sitting in her tent with a CWS blanket] [on screen text: with your support, we will continue to provide humanitarian aid] to people who need it]
[girl smiling standing in front of a CWS blanket] [on screen text: and bring a smile to a few faces.]