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Bowie Crofton Pregnancy Center

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Transcript for Bowie Crofton Pregnancy Clinic Video, CFC:

Children are amazing. But parenting can be hard. Especially if you are not prepared.
We are here to help.
The Pregnancy Clinic serves over 1200 women and families every year.
We offer free medical services including pregnancy testing, viability ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, STD/HIV testing, STD treatment, and counseling.
Our LifeSense Education Program offers over 20 free classes, including Jobs and Resume Writing, Labor and Delivery, Parenting, and Healthy Relationships.
All services are completely free to anyone in need.
Your contribution stays right here in the community, empowering women, supporting new parents, strengthening local families.
Together we can build a healthier family for us all.
Bowie Crofton Pregnancy Clinic