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Bread and Water for Africa (logo) - at top of page throughout video.
Providing a better future for Africa's Children
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Bread and Water for Africa Provides Services for Ten Countries
Agriculture, Education, Water Wells, Basic Relief, Vocational Training, Health Education, Food Self-Sufficiency, Orphanage, Income Generation, School Feeding
Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Chad, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Top three programs Bread and Water for Africa provided in Fiscal Year 2021
Washing one's hands, Sterilizing hospital equipment, clean drinking water, patient and medical staff personal hygiene The importance of wter to a health center during a pandemic
42 Projects completed and served more than 52,000 individuals in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, and malawi
Lukaaka Village spring water - Uganda
Water Well at Chiputu Village - Malawi
Healthcare Program
More than 75,000 individuals received healthcare services in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Malawi
COVID - 19 Healthcare Support
COVID-19 Vaccination: Facing the 3rd wave and the unknown next waves in Africa (BWFA logo bottom of page)
Service at Douala and Younde Hospital - Cameroon
Health education day at Douala Hospital
Children under 5 clinic day at Younde Hospital
Children under five services at Mokoba Health Center Sierra Leone
Agriculture Food Self-Sufficiency
Bread and Water for Africa supports agriculture development, food self-sufficiency, and capacity training projects in Sierra Leone, Zambia and Kenya
More than 3.200 individuals benefitted from food self-sufficiency program
Kabwata Greenhouse - Zambia
Karen Baird Children's Home Food Self-Sustainability
Project Rice Farm - Sierra Leone
COVID-19 Impact Support Food Self-sustainability
Program - Sierra Leone
Orphan Care Program
Bread and Water for Africa supports orphan care programs in Zambia, Kenya, and zimbabwe
In total 192 children live at these three orphanages
Lewa Children's Home - Kenya
Kabwata Children - Zambia
In addition to healthcare, clean water, development, agriculture, and orphan care program, Bread and Water for Africa supports education, income generation, and school feeding programs in sub-saharan Africa.
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