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CFC transcript for CANINE WOUNDED HEROES video

Instrumental music playing throughout a slideshow of photographs with narrative captions, to thank and show donors examples of the accomplishments they have made possible.

Frame Time Photographs Text
1 0.00 Canine Woiunded Heroes banner
2 0.05 Partners ready for SWAT assignment Keeping police canines just as safe as their human partners with ballistic vests is possible because of our generous donors.
3 0.09 K9 trying on new vest Anoka County MN K9 Diesel sits nicely for his first try-on …
4 0.14 K9 waiting for partner … while his co-K9 Eli patiently waits in his new vest.
5 0.19 K9 poses in camo vest K9 Floyd is making his partner Nate proud as the only K9 in Scott Co MN, and he wears a vest made possible by our donors.
6 0.24 Pitbull K-9 poses in vest Poughkeepsie K9 Kiah is a rescued pitbull who has become a star as an outstanding police canine officer, and she's safe with a vest.
7 0.28 Two police officers with their K-9 partners Sgt. Zsakheim James said he was more confident on the job with his dog Zero protected with a vest.
8 0.33 Bloodhound receiving vest Bloodhounds are often in danger, too. Thank you donors for keeping them as safe as their law enforcement counterparts.
9 0.38 Marine with partner war dog, while depoyed and when reunited. Retired Marine Mitch Romero had to leave his partner, IED detection dog Rodeo, behind when he was discharged. Canine Wounded Heroes found Rodeo and arranged their reunion.
10 0.42 Veteran and rescued retired war dog Two veterans, John Foster and Rambo, needed each other after deployment and Canine Wounded Heroes made it possible.
11 0.47 Rescued dog with trainer Rescued from a shelter, Jagger took to PTSD service dog training perfectly. Thanks to donors a deserving veteran is looking forward to their partnership.
12 0.52 Canine Wounded Heroes Banner
End 0.56