Care Compass - Tools for Resilience in Any Crisis

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International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

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[music plays]
Male narrator reads the following script while graphics play in the background:
Many of us are familiar with disasters, pandemics and conflict, the big
Graphic of a ship out at sea
external events that sometimes make internal emotional and spiritual
on scree text: emotional and spiritual difficulties
hardships feel far more difficult to bear. Building on decades worth of
experience with U.S.
Graphic of the globe
programs and around the world,
we develop strong resources to address these dynamics.
Graphic of a lifesaver
We brought together a select group of expert
IOCC frontliners and work toward a simple mission: help individuals,
Graphic of a compass that says IOCC Care Compass
and communities forge a path filled with
Graphic of praying hands
physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.
Visit to learn more.
Colorful page with the IOCC Care Compass and
[music ends]