Carla & Eric @ Willamette Family

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Willamette Family Treatment Services

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My life before Willamette Family
was not very well put together.

The program took a broken person
and helped me rebuild myself.

After Willamette Family,
our life together today is amazing.

There's no words
I could use to describe it.

I never would have thought

that we would be where we're at today.

You know, there's still days
where I'll look at him and

I'll be like and he'll look at me too
and he does the same thing

and he'll say, I can't...

Can you believe that we're, we're actually
doing this like we're actually here

doing this with our kids?
Like, it's amazing.

You know, we wouldn't

we wouldn't be where we're at today
if it wasn't for Willamette Family.

If we can all please pause a moment

and really see them,

then maybe we can all join together
to make their lives better,

as well as improve
all lives within our community.