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Cats on Death Row

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CFC transcript for CATS ON DEATH ROW video

Instrumental music playing throughout a slideshow of photographs with narrative captions, to thank and show donors examples of the accomplishments they have made possible.

Frame Time Photo Text
1 0.00 Cats on Death Row Banner
2 0.05 Two kittens on purple blanket The rescue of best friends, Marmalade and Tori, was made possible by our donors.
3 0.09 Three tabby cats with orange face patches Penny, Patches and Paula were rehomed together to honor their elderly owner's wishes.
4 0.14 Orange/white kitty with injured leg Attacked by something and left for dead, Gizmo was found at the front gate.
5 0.19 Orange/white kitty standing on bandaged leg Because of our donors, Gizmo got the veterinary care he needed.
6 0.24 Gray/white and tabby cats on balcony deck Basking in the sun …
7 0.28 Cats in purple house … and kitty naps are what the doctor ordered.
8 0.33 Cats in purple house Kitties have a cat friendly home to recuperate and relax while waiting for adoption, thanks to our donors.
9 0.38 Gray/white tabby cat with tan/white kitten Momma and five kittens have Cats on Death Row donors to thank for saving and relocating them.
10 0.42 Black cat with white mask Bandit's rescuers called Cats on Death Row when they found him behind a convenience store. Now a spay/neuter clinic is open in his honor.
11 0.47 Black cat with white cheeks and toes Our mascot, Davidson was found wandering the streets of San Francisco and is still living the good life.
12 0.52 Cats on Death Row Banner
End 0.56