CDC Foundation: Together Our Impact Is Greater

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Throughout the entire video, uplifting instrumental music plays. This is the only audio.

The CDC Foundation logo appears with “Together our impact is greater” underneath. Text reads: Our world faces complex health challenges. A photo with children and an adult health practitioner appears, with the text “More than any of us can tackle alone. Working together, we can save and improve more lives.” A photo of four adult health professionals appears. A photo with two adults looking into microscopes appears, with the text “CDC Foundation is an independent nonprofit advancing the lifesaving work of CDC and public health. Our work with CDC and YOU unleashes the POWER of collaboration.” A photo with a health practitioner and a mother holding a child appears; it fades into an photo of children at a cafeteria. This fades into an image of soldiers walking with children. Text reads: “Together we can mobilize resources for effective philanthropy.” Smaller text below it reads: “Over 1.6 billion raised since 1995.” Text appears: “Innovate health solutions,” and below it, smaller text appears: “Launching more than 1,200 programs with speed and flexibility.” Another screen of text appears: “Respond to emergencies,” with smaller text below it reading: “Nearly 300 COVID-19 projects.” The text: “Together (an image of two health professionals appears) we save and improve millions of lives,” appears. A line of text appears: “Join with us to improve health or partner on a specific priority. Combined Federal Campaign number 10141.” A final screen of text appears: “Learn more at,” with very small text below it reading: “© Photos: David Snyder and Evelyn Hockstein / CDC Foundation.”