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[easygoing guitar music plays in background of entire video slideshow]

Slide 1: A photo of an orange Food Gatherers truck. Caption: “Food Gatherers is fighting hunger during the pandemic”

Slide 2: Food Gatherers staff member LeRonica and her daughter stand in front of our mobile Summer Food delivery van. Both are smiling. Caption: “With the support of staff,”

Slide 3: A woman in an apron, hair net, mask, and gloves is packaging food for distribution at our warehouse. A young man in the background on the other side of the room is performing a similar task. Caption: “volunteers,”

Slide 4: Nine members of the Michigan National Guard in their battle dress uniforms at the Food Gatherers warehouse. They are smiling and two of them are holding a 5 ft long stuffed carrot. Caption: “National Guard members,”

Slide 5: A woman peeks out from behind a wire rack which holds a cardboard box full of cereal boxes. She is wearing a Washtenaw Community College t-shirt and, although she is wearing a mask, her eyes show that she is smiling. Caption” and community partners”

Slide 6: A diverse group of people standing in front of a Food Gatherers truck. Next to them is a pallet of cardboard boxes containing a variety of pre-packed nonperishable foods. Next to the pallet is Scott, one of Food Gatherers’ drivers. Caption: “we are distributing record amounts of food,”

Slide 7: An orange Food Gatherers truck parked at a loading dock at a food distribution site. Next to it are several racks full of boxes of food. Caption: “700,000 to 800,000 pounds each month,”

Slide 8: A father poses with his two elementary aged sons and preschool daughter. He and the older boy are smiling. The younger two are looking at something off camera. In the background is a sign for “Meet Up & Eat Up”, the Summer Food Service Program. “Caption: to children, families, individuals, and seniors in our community.”

Slide 9: A wide shot of an aisle in the Food Gatherers warehouse. The tall warehouse shelving is full of pallets of a variety of foods. Caption “Right now, the need is greater than ever.”

Slide 10: Three masked staff/volunteers -- two young women and one young man -- at a food distribution site. They are stationed on a porch with rows of paper bags full of food lined up behind them. Caption: Our community partners are seeing a 30% - 30% increase in people seeking assistance.”

Slide 11: Two masked female staff/volunteers at a food distribution site. They are standing under a sun canopy with tables set up containing boxes of food and hygiene/cleaning supplies. Caption: “Many are seeking help for the first time. Others need us more than ever before.”

Slide 12: A smiling man is standing next to a table setting it up with gallons of milk at a food distribution. Behind him are stacked of various other food items. Caption: “YOU can help your neighbors have access to the food they need. Here's how:”

Slide 13: A smiling middle-school aged boy stands in the grass and holds a plastic bag of groceries. Caption: “Donate funds! Every dollar makes a difference.”

Slide 14: A man in a mask stands in front of a Food Gatherers truck, next to a tall wrapped pallet of boxed food his business is donating. Caption: “Donate food! We accept fresh & nonperishable food at our warehouse .”

Slide 15: A hand drawn clip art image of a megaphone. Caption: “Spread the word! Tell your community that Food Gatherers is here for anyone in need of food.”

Slide 16: A grandmother and her two young grandsons stand next to the Food Gatherers mobile delivery van smiling. In the background, a volunteer is getting meals out of the back of the van. Caption: “Food banks provide an essential service. You have an essential role. For more information, visit our website:

Slide 17: A photo of one of Food Gatherers iconic orange trucks. In front of the truck are 18 Food Gatherers staff spaced out and wearing masks. Caption: “Food Gatherers: The food bank and food rescue program serving Washtenaw County, MI; CFC # 46782