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We envision a future where poverty [The word Poverty is on the screen] is overshadowed by possibility [The word Possibility is on the screen] and all families have the potential to thrive. [Picture with the words "Together we can" on the screen] [Picture with the words "You are loved" on the screen] We know that when young moms and their children are surrounded by a community that invests in the possibility of their future, they can prosper and flourish. [Picture with the words "You belong here" flashes on the screen] [Picture with the words "This is your story" flashes on the screen]

Because of your support, they can find that community at New Moms. Through our housing, job training, and family support programs, young moms find pathways to opportunities that will lead them to long-term success. [New Moms logo with the words "homes, jobs, and strong families" on the screen] No one can thrive alone, [graphic with the words "No one can thrive alone"] but together we can all thrive. We can lift each other up and help each other as we build strong families and beautiful communities.

Will you join us in this mission to support young moms and children
and invest in their futures?
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CFC #: 70017