Change That Lasts

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World Relief

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(dramatic music plays)
[images of a woman sitting in an impoverished street, migrants fleeing on boats] Narrator: the problems of our world are overwhelming.
[images of children praying, crowd gathering and woman gathering sacks of supplies] Urgency pushes us towards quick fixes and band-aid solutions.
[image of child clutching at an adult, destroyed street, and shots of refugee camps with tents and children crying, child carrying water, migrants waiting] But the underlying issues remain unsolved and the problems reoccur
again and again.
[images appear across the screen, rapidly disappearing to a blank black screen]
[blue screen] At World Relief,
we want to see an end to this cycle.
[images of a female farmer, woman holding cash, a city, woman smiling] For over 75 years across 100 countries, World Relief has joined God and his
[images of people praying, child smiling] plan to transform our world.
[images of hands held in prayer] We are a movement of over 6,000 churches 95000 volunteers and [image of man smiling, female farmer, video of people hugging] millions of
[video of man talking, image of woman smiling, individuals in the U.S. and around the globe,
[image of man walking] living out God's plan to
[video of a group of people bowing in prayer, a child smiling, two women hugging and men drumming] bring hope, compassion and transformation to our world.
[video of school children running in their uniforms] Together we are creating change that lasts.
[ appears on a black backdrop]