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Seed Programs International

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[Peter Marks talking to the camera] Narrator, Peter Marks of Seed Programs International: Here's some of what we've measured in the last 12 months.
[image of farmers handing over crops, women seated for training, farmers watching a demonstration, a group of people talking, a female farmer after she’s plowed, We distributed about 400,000 seed packets to 25 countries. about 32,000
families acquired the seeds that they would not have been able to
access otherwise.
[Peter Marks talking to the camera] There were more than 700 trainings on various topics
[image of women seated for training, and women cooking together] related to using the seed, the nutrition around the seed, cooking
nutritious meals with the seed, even selling the seed to earn income. More
[image of woman sitting under an umbrella selling produce, large group of men attending a training] than 7,600 people attended those trainings. We asked our partners if they could see noticeable differences
[image of girl smiling] in nutrition among the gardeners and more than 80% of our partners responded that
[image of school children] they could see changes in health and nutrition and that's what we
really care about.
[Peter Marks talking to the camera] You know, it's not just handing someone a seed packet.
It's seeing a noticeable change in their quality of life, and we're
seeing that all over the world
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