Changing the World

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Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

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[piano music]
[Graphics on red background]
[Animated bullhorn.]
Narrator 1: Each time you take an action...
[Animated cash being put into an envelope.]
Narrator 2: ...make a donation...
[Animated digital sharing button.]
Narrator 3: ...or share UUSC's work in your community and congregation...
[Still image: two men speaking across an information booth near entryway.]
Narrator 4: are reaching out across boundaries.
[Still image of people gathered behind a sign that read “Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime, no more deaths, no mas muertes, #waternotwalls, #dropthecharges”]
Narrator 5: The hand you extend in kindness and generosity…
Narrator 6: met by the wisdom and
energy of our grassroots partners around the globe.
[Still images: people smiling, holding hands, laughing.]
All narrators: Together…
Narrator 7: a world that wants to build walls and close borders to
separate people,
[Animated graphic of jail cell.]
Narrator 8: ...we continue to see eye-to-eye,
[Animated graphic people in profile facing each other.]
Narrator 9: listen heart-to-heart…
[Animated graphic two hearts overlap, become surrounded by interlocked arms.]
Narrator 10: ...and work hand-in-hand with the unified call to justice. For everyone.
[Various men and women smiling at the camera.]
Narrator 11: For everyone.
Narrator 12: For everyone.
Narrator 13: From amplifying the voices of our grassroots partners at our climate
convening in Alaska…
[Still images of presenters with microphones, artists, and landscapes.]
Narrator 14: assisting family reunification at the U.S.-Mexico border…
[Still images: children and adults, volunteers walking through desert]
Narrator 15: ...we are transforming the world.
[Still image: group of people in matching, blue shirts walking through desert landscape.]
[Fade to red background with white lettering]
All Narrators: Thank you.