Children Belong in Families

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A Family for Every Orphan

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Children belong in families.
Abandoned when he was only a baby, Jaison was set to be placed in institutionalized care. In this care, he’d have a 40% chance of entering a life of crime when he aged out of the orphanage, but A Family for Every Orphan stepped in enabling Jaison’s distant relatives to adopt him. Now four, Jaison is a thriving and healthy boy who enjoys life with his new mom and dad and playing on the family’s farm.
Since 2010 A Family for Every Orphan has placed over 14,000 children in families, but the job is far from over. Millions of orphans are waiting for a loving family. It doesn’t have to be that way.
A Family for Every Orphan takes a unique approach to helping these orphans by finding them families in their home countries. Our goal is not only to get children into families but to provide the holistic care needed to keep them in those families.
Will you to stand with these orphans? Give to A Family for Every Orphan and give orphans forever families.