City Dogs & City Kitties Volunteers Responding to COVID-19 (pre-mask mandates) at Congressional Cemetery

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City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue

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To accommodate the essential service of rescuing animals at risk of euthanasia, we had to move our entire intake operations. Our usual office/intake space is in a small inside room where it would have been impossible to practice social distancing. We were concerned about how we would meet the critical demand to save lives during this time, but Congressional Cemetery stepped up and agreed to host our intake operations in their vast space. This generous offer was an absolute lifesaver. We were able to station supplies onsite at Congressional, and they provided fencing to keep our animals safe should a dog come loose from a handler. The open space allowed us to set up safeguards of social distancing and paced intake for each animal. We worked with a reduced number of volunteers, and our transport drivers were willing to wait so we could easily offload animals at a slower pace, given the reduction in staff. Fosters and volunteers waited in their cars as their dogs and cats were intaked, and volunteers would bring the dogs and cats to them. So it was essentially a dog and cat foster/adopter drive-thru. Please donate today to help us continue our essential work.

There's a lot more space in between people. We're definitely practicing that social distancing. Also, some changes to sort of the number of volunteers, how many hands we can have on deck, and of course, more precautions with gloves.

We knew there was always a dog in our future with both of us working from home now it was just the perfect time for us.

It's so exciting to see all these people, you know, wanting to help dogs, [cats], and wanting to add to their families. And it's just, it's so heartwarming, Foster or adopt, of course, there's also a lot of vet needs. So of course, monetary contributions are always welcome. But yeah, either Foster or adopt or share, share the word.